Doily tat-along 4

I’ve also done some more progress with the doily, and before this starts to look like a photolog I’ll tell its little story. When I get to class early and have to sit and wait, when I’m sitting at the odontologist’s waiting room, when I’ve just come back from class and need to take those five minutes to relax before going on, I pick the doily and try to do a little something. But lately this pretty doily started to be a bit problematic: it doesn’t want to keep its shape. It’s a total rebel! Yes, I did try pressing it. Still doesn’t want to listen to me. 😦 And the chains don’t look like I expected, so I was going to take the picture: it was going to be the picture showing it after the scissor had split it into two or more parts. He! That would teach her! But then I just took a deep breath, thought ‘this is my first doily’, looked at it again and finally forgave its life…


Doily tat-along 3

The doily in progress, with round 3:


and the round 3 complete:


Doily tat-along 2

Believe it or not, rounds 1 and 2 are finished now.



Doily tat-along

We started a tat-along project of a doily. Pattern is from Il Chiacchierino website. I’ve started mine and this was the result after day two:

I keep tatting…