Friendship day 2


I know some of you celebrate friendship day today, so I wanted to join you by sharing this poem that Andre wrote to me the day we celebrated friends’ day here. He’s a sweetheart.


Il mondo è fatto di tante belle cose…
il sole che sorge
le stelle che brillano nel cielo
gli uccelli che volano…
e la nostra amicizia.

Ma tutte le cose belle hanno una fine…
Il sole prima o poi tramonterà,
arriverà il giorno e spegnerà le stelle,
gli uccelli saranno stanchi e smetteranno di volare…
Sono poche le cose belle che non finiscono…



I left it in the original language, but note that I added a link to an online translator on each sidebar (sorry, I can’t use java stuff here, so there’s just the link).

Aren’t I the luckiest?  LOL I know, I’m sure you’re all surrounded by wonderful people wherever you’re. Don’t lose the chance to spend a wonderful day with them. Friendship is indeed one of the most beautiful things we have in this world. What cool things are you planning to do?

Happy friendship day… again!

Andre… ti volgio molto bene.




On this very special day I’d like to wish you all have a great day.

I’d like to thank particularly to all my online friends who make an everyday effort to make the friendship work.

Thank you people of the tatting community, for letting me be a part of it.

Thank you Andre, for being such a special friend and sharing with me so much.

Thank you of course to all my friends who live here!!!

Love you all!!