HAPPY 2009

2008 has been such a nice year. Thanks to all the people that made it possible. My best friend Lissi: ¡¡gracias amiga por acompañarme tanto!! ¡sos la mejor! felicitaciones por tu trabajo, tus logros en alemán e italiano y por tanta tarea social desinteresada; my cousins whom I love so much: felicitaciones por tantas cosas buenas que lograron este año; a bit further Alejandro but always close to me: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinen neuen Vertrag und Forschungsstipendium nach Österreich!!!! ; Andre, a real treasure, so sweet and kind: grazie di farmi essere parte della tua vita, grazie di tanto che abbiamo condiviso, complimenti dei tuoi 500 km in bici in 2 giorni in Cuneo (500 km in about 2 days), dei tuoi 10 000 km solo in questo 2008, del tuo 6to posto assoluto (6th out of 2 000!!!) nel Gianetti Day!!!!! e di essere stato secondo nella scelta dell’impiegato dell’anno della tua azienda!!! undoubtedly an amazing year for you -did I forget anything?; my friends of always, always with me; my new friends; Giorgio: grazie di tutto; Chris: Danke für alles was du für mich gemacht hast!; my new classmates, I learnt something from all of you; my brother who’s been so supportive to me this year… and of course my tatting friends!! You’re great, you helped me grow and improve in this incredible art, I learned from each of you, I’ve met very nice people from such distant places, I received from you advices and compliments that encouraged me to continue tatting and improving. Thanks God for such a nice year, hope you bless us with an even better 2009.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone or anything.

Thank you everyone, and…

VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!




I invite you to leave and share your comments and thoughts. Thank you very much. Lots of love,

Verito *2009*

Snowflake design by Eileen Stafford.

Snowflake for the Christmas tree tatted with Anchor Coats cotton in gold. Design by Eileen Stafford.


6 Responses

  1. thanks to be my friend, you are always my support. i am pround to know you this year!.. wish you the best in this world!… Lissi

  2. Long lost Verito!!! So good to see a blog post. Your snowflake is lovely. Such a pretty design! Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. I wish you a happy new year, too. unless i dont understand most of what you wrote 😀

  4. Lissi, thank you very much! I’m very proud too of having you as a friend, this last year has been great.

    Tattingchic! So nice to see you here!! Happy new year!! Right, I’m reappearing after so long. Thank you for your comment. I wish you the best for this 2009.

    Chris, thank you very much for your comment!! You’re the master of german, don’t worry. 😉 Happy new year, frohes neues Jahr!

  5. Grazie a te Veronica, sei stato il piu bel regalo di questo 2008 appena passato. Sarà un 2009 ancora piu bello, e insieme potremo condividere ancora un sacco di momenti felici.
    Un abbraccio sincero, con tanto affetto, simpatica e sincerità. Ti voglio tanto bene.

  6. Andre, moltissime grazie. Anche tu lo sei. Il 2009 sarà bellissimo, lo so, sopratutto con persone come te sempre vicine a me. Tanti auguri per quest’ anno che comincia.

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