Doily tat-along 4

I’ve also done some more progress with the doily, and before this starts to look like a photolog I’ll tell its little story. When I get to class early and have to sit and wait, when I’m sitting at the odontologist’s waiting room, when I’ve just come back from class and need to take those five minutes to relax before going on, I pick the doily and try to do a little something. But lately this pretty doily started to be a bit problematic: it doesn’t want to keep its shape. It’s a total rebel! Yes, I did try pressing it. Still doesn’t want to listen to me. 😦 And the chains don’t look like I expected, so I was going to take the picture: it was going to be the picture showing it after the scissor had split it into two or more parts. He! That would teach her! But then I just took a deep breath, thought ‘this is my first doily’, looked at it again and finally forgave its life…


6 Responses

  1. Hmmm Verito I just noticed that your doily has 5 points and the pattern is for 6. Maybe that is the problem with it laying flat?
    Still, like you said, it’s your first doily and you are doing awesome! Keep up the good work!


    In all this time I didn’t notice? Everyone posted their doily, I saw them all and I didn’t notice something was different in mine? Not to mention I failed to read the pattern in the first place. Oh my…

    Thanks, Melissa…

  3. Your doily is still looking great. If you look closely at my doily (in old posts on my blog) you can kinda see how that 4th round smashes up the 3rd round on mine, too, it’s just the way it was designed. I’m glad to see a new post on here. I think it’ll be interesting to see if it’ll work with the 5 instead of six! Sometimes I play around with patterns to suit my need at the moment. I hope you still finish it. Sometimes I’ve taken a 5 point star and changed it into a 6 point snowflake for a Christmas ornament…I look forward to seeing what you decide to do with your dilemma. We’ve all done that, Verito! Believe me…LOL! Any tatter that says that she (or he) has never made a mistake is either lying or completely unaware of it….ROFLOL! Happy tatting, whatever you end up doing.

  4. BTW… I’ve never heard ANY tatter say that they’ve never made a mistake…LOL.

  5. Verito,
    I totally agree with TattingChic it happens to all of us! I think it’s really neat because even though you were unaware the 5 points still is working for you, you created your own variation! You know that is how variations and new patterns are found a lot of times!
    Please don’t be discouraged because you are doing so great!

  6. Ohh, it’s so nice to see these supporting words of yours… really… I was actually feeling a bit disappointed. What I can’t believe is that I couldn’t see something sooo obvious, even when it was causing me so much trouble!

    Well, now you know: if you ever want to do this “variation” (LOL) my first advice would be “also add more stitches to the chains or this is what you’ll get!!”

    TattingChic, now (just now) I started to consider finishing it (if it’s possible at this point)… but the truth is all this time I couldn’t even look at it again lol. Well… in the future I can always use the “it was my first doily” card, right? LOL I’ll definitively let you know what I do, thanks again for your words.

    Melissa, thanks again for noticing it and telling me, I know it may not sound very “enthusiastic” but I am really thankful, I am. So I can also call it a “variation”? LOL Look at the ways there were to make it *not* be a ‘mistake’!

    Thanks for your comments, girls!

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