This is the destiny the tatted laces and the centers of the doilies had. I think I should try to get better pictures of these. It’s a uniform for special occasions.


And here is a close up:



And this is the back belt, with the same pattern of the lace:


This is before ironing or anything!!

I’ve been busy with this but now that it’s over I can go back to my… pretty doily!!


7 Responses

  1. Oh how pretty!!!! That is a special uniform for sure! Is it for you to wear?

  2. Thank you, Mel! No, it’s not for me. I haven’t had to wear a uniform since I was in school, luckily. LOL But my mom does… it’s for her.

  3. Very pretty, I’m sure your Mother looked lovely at her special occassion with the Mayor and everyone. Did the TV cameras happen to catch her in that very elegant uniform?

  4. She did, but of course I’m the daughter lol. The cameras caught her but shortly, she was among all her colleagues.

  5. It looks so pretty! I really like the way you have done it. I am sure your mom will treasure it! Years later, she’ll show it to her grandchildren hugging it and saying, “Your mom made this for me. “:D That is what my mom does and when I ask her why she is keeping it so safe ( all wrapped up) she teases me with the same line saying I’ll keep them for my great grand children!

  6. Thank you very much, Ais! Your comments are very sweet. My mom’s grandchildren??? Oh, God… LOL You’re right, moms are always very appreciative with things like these. Thanks for visiting my blog, please come back any time you want.

  7. Charming! White on white is such a classic look.

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