Tatting case.

Tatting case

This is my new tatting case for the purse. I’m giving it good use.


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  1. I love your tatting case. Isn’t it fun to have stashes for tatting?

  2. Yesss! I’m enjoying it a lot. And all the basic stuff in a small space… I’ve added tiny notes with patterns. Every time I have to wait for something, wherever I am, I tat, there are no death times. 😀

  3. That is a neat tatting case and I love those shuttles! Are they acrylic? The clear frosted is so pretty!

  4. Thank you, Melissa. Yes, you are correct, those are acrylic shuttles that my dad made for me with his tools. I haven’t found shuttles in the shops here, and I’ve been told if I did, the cost of them would be out of proportion.

  5. Oh wow! You know, since he made those he might be able to make a post shuttle too! Your dad is very talented to make you shuttles, they are beautiful!

  6. LOL! Today he made me 3 new ones. I told him I was running out of shuttles. I also think he’s talented with those things, and he’s getting faster too.

  7. Awesome!!! What a wonderful father!

    • Wow, I just love those shuttles. I have cut them out of milk carton and container plastic since 1974, but, those look awesome. what type and weight of plastic and tools does he use to make them. Help. TY. I’m 68 years old and winding other shuttles are a bother. These are so easy to wind.

      • I will ask about the details!! But it’s a 2 or 3 mm thick acrylic. And I’ve made some more rustic shuttles good for emergencies and still useful and easy to wind, which I’ll try to post soon. You’ll find those very practical, you may even wind them with the sewing machine if you have one.

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