Doily tat-along 3

The doily in progress, with round 3:


and the round 3 complete:



10 Responses

  1. Ohhhh, so pretty. I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on the rest of the tatting world with this blog. You must not be so selfish any longer. LOL 😉

  2. LOL!! Ok, ok, YOU convinced me!! I’ll let others know where I’ve been hiding. LOL. When you see any link to this site you should remember you’re responsible. 😀 I’m glad you like the progress of the tat-a-looooong doily. Thank you for your comments and your visit.

  3. OH WOW this is exactly where my doily is at too, I need to start round 4 soon since I’ve been taking a break and working on a crazy quilt block.

  4. You’re a busy person, Melissa! The work you do is lovely and I can’t imagine how much time it must take you to do those tidy, carefully done pieces of art. Good thing it’s not some race, because I already booked the last place for myself LOL.

  5. Oh for sure never a race! LOL And I think you are a faster tatter than you think you are, really I am not that fast either but speed does not matter, only quality of tatting and you have good quality! I’ve seen some of those lightening speed tatters they are amazing but have also been tatting for years, I’ve only been tatting for 1 year now!

  6. What you say is very true, Melissa, quality is the important thing in tatting; I’d rather improve quality than speed if I had to choose. But I admire the super fast tatters.

  7. I’m in total agreement! They are amazing, one day we will both be there in quality and speed and be able to encourage others who’ve just started out too!

  8. Heaven hears you, Melissa! LOL

  9. Verito, I really admire your tatting. It is so clean and perfect. I mean look at those chains and rings they are so perfect… just like it is shown in the pattern. Here I am still stuck on round two and lost count of how many times I started.

  10. Ais… you’re so nice. Thank you very much for your compliments! This particular pattern is quite challenging. And believe me, I have made uncountable mistakes (yes, I mean just in this doily!) and had to un-tat them all, and I’m still faaar from over. LOL And I’m sure every time you start over you do it better and better, so your effort is not in vain.

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