Lace in progress 2.

This is a lace from N. Ellison “Lessons in Tatting”.

I include the pattern:

R: 4-4-4-4 RW

Ch: 3-3-3-3-3-3

Join to middle picot on ring

Ch: 3-3-3-3-3-3

R: 4-4+(join to middle picot on previous ring)4-4 RW

Ch: 23

swap shuttles

R: 3+(join to picot on previous chain)3-1-1-33

R: 3+(join to last picot on previous ring)3-1-1-33

R: 3+(join to last picot on previous ring)3-1-1-33

swap shuttles

Ch: 3+(join to last picot on previous ring)2

Repeat from the beginning.

 Notes: I prefer to swap shuttles also *before* 3rd chain (ch 2-3). And I’d do picots marked in red as very small picots.



Doily tat-along 2

Believe it or not, rounds 1 and 2 are finished now.



Doily tat-along

We started a tat-along project of a doily. Pattern is from Il Chiacchierino website. I’ve started mine and this was the result after day two:

I keep tatting…

Tatted edge in towel.

A blue lace in a towel for a present.


Design from N. Ellison, Lace edge no. 134, 1916.

Collar in progress.

A tatted collar with some beads, still in progress.

Pattern from Jessie M. De Witt, no. 48.

Lace in progress.

This is one everyone knows. The basket lace is still in progress.



First shots in tatting.

These flowers are one of the first things I tried to tat. Some like these went for a wedding.

They all have matching beads.